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May 13, 2021  

MacroVoices #271 Harley Bassman: Hedging a High Interest Future

May 13, 2021

MacroVoices Erik Townsend and Patrick Ceresna welcome Harley Bassman to the show. For years Harley has been on a personal mission to figure out how to make institutional hedging tools available to retail investors, because Harley sees a risk of long-term interest rates backing up in coming years that could create a much worse threat than the 2008 financial crisis. They talk about the risk he sees, why he thinks it's so important to hedge against it, and discuss the ETF he just launched to make runaway interest rate insurance available to anyone who wants it.

Then be sure to stay tuned for our postgame segment after the feature interview, when Patrick and Erik discuss Tesla, cryptocurrencies, and much more.