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March 30, 2020  

All-Stars #99 Louis-Vincent Gave: We’re experiencing three crises disguised as one!

All-Star Louis-Vincent Gave returns to explain why the markets are currently enthralled in not just one but three simultaneous crises.


March 26, 2020  

MacroVoices #212 Simon White: Aftermath of the biggest monetary policy intervention in world history

MacroVoices Erik Townsend and Patrick Ceresna welcome Simon White to the show to talk about the implications of the FED’s recent QE, if the stocks and bonds will both start selling off and how the asset markets will be impacted by the US governments reaction to COVID-19 crisis. 


March 24, 2020  

Hot Topic #11 Lenore Hawkins & Dr. Steve Bickel: The only way to save the economy is to reduce the COVID19 hospitalization rate

Florida physician Dr. Steve Bickell and Tematica Research global macro strategist Lenore Hawkins join Erik Townsend for this week’s COVID19 update podcast


March 23, 2020  

All-Stars #98 Luke Gromen: Stocks will keep selling off unless the Fed buys unlimited debt

All-star Luke Gromen says the only way for stocks to trade is down unless the Fed buys an unlimited amount of debt.

P.S. both of those things are happening as we release this episode!


March 19, 2020  

MacroVoices #211 Jim Bianco: COVID-19 & Risk Parity Unwind - What’s next for markets?

MacroVoices Erik Townsend and Patrick Ceresna welcome Jim Bianco to the show to talk about the impact of COVID-19 on the economy and markets, the systemic risks to markets and impact on dealers & more. Then Kevin Muir joins in the postgame to talk about the imploding risk parity. 


March 18, 2020  

Hot Topic #10 COVID19 Update: Imperial College report makes waves

Once again, host Erik Townsend gives a detailed update on the evolving #COVID19 crisis in this full-length special report.


March 16, 2020  

All-Stars #97 Jeff Snider: The QE Market Meltdown - Currency Inelasticity

All-Star Jeff Snider says the Fed keeps using a bigger bazooka but no one seems to care and the global dollar shortage takes on 2008 proportions.


March 15, 2020  

Hot Topic #9 Lenore Hawkins: Boots on the ground from the Red Zone (COVID-19 Lockdown in Italy)

Reporting live from Ground Zero in Northern Italy, Lenore Hawkins joins Erik Townsend with a situation report on life in Italy before and after the COVID-19 crisis struck the region.


March 13, 2020  

Hot Topic #8 Tracy Shuchart: COVID19, OPEC+ & Crude - What comes next?

Energy Week co-star Tracy Shuchart joins Erik to reflect on what the COVID19 crisis and the OPEC+ falling out with Russia will mean for energy markets, including impact on U.S. Shale.


March 12, 2020  

Hot Topic #7 COVID-19 Update: USA and all of Europe will look like Italy within one month!

Host Erik Townsend gives his most bearish and dire outlook yet for the COVID19 crisis, predicting the United States and all of Europe will soon experience what Italy is now experiencing.


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