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February 27, 2020  

MacroVoices #208 Francesco Filia: Francesco Filia: How to navigate the cliff edge in markets

MacroVoices Erik Townsend and Patrick Ceresna welcome Francesco Filia to the show. They discuss why the US treasury bond is no longer a good investment and its systemic implications, the upcoming daily liquidity crisis and what it means for the market and perspectives on economic impacts of COVID-19 


February 26, 2020  

All-Stars #94 Jeff Snider: The slowdown started before the Coronavirus hit the tape!

All-Star Jeff Snider is back! Jeff says there were clear signs of economic slowdown before the Coronavirus story even came out.


February 24, 2020  

Hot Topic #5: COVID Super-Spreader Stealth Pandemic?

We’ve assembled the #COVID thought leaders of Financial Twitter; Jim Bianco, Mike "Mish" Shedlock, Dr. Ben Hunt & Dr. Chris Martenson for an in-depth panel discussion as #COVID19 escalates toward global pandemic status.



February 20, 2020  

MacroVoices #207 Ralph Delguidice: Demand is being manufactured for US Treasury paper

MacroVoices Erik Townsend and Patrick Ceresna welcome Ralph Delguidice to the show. They discuss some of the knock-on implications of the US Treasury bond, why treasury and investment grade bond demand flows will remain solid and the US treasury demand impact of Dodd Frank and more. 


February 13, 2020  

MacroVoices #206 Chris Cole: Optimizing portfolio construction for changing times

MacroVoices Erik Townsend and Patrick Ceresna welcome Chris Cole  to the show to discuss his latest article "The Allegory of the Hawk and Serpent", the law of cosmic duality in investing, and the role of long-vol and commodity trends following have in dragon portfolio & more. Then Emil Kalinowski joins in postgame.


February 10, 2020  

All-Stars #93 Luke Gromen: Busted! JP Morgan charged for gold price manipulation

FFTT founder Luke Gromen is back to talk about the conclusions we can draw from the U.S. government charging JP Morgan with criminal gold price manipulation


February 6, 2020  

MacroVoices #205 Art Berman: Will the crude oil market catch the Coronavirus?

MacroVoices Erik Townsend and Patrick Ceresna welcome Art Berman to the show. They discuss the 2020 demand growth, how oversold is the price of oil and what effect the over-reaction to Coronavirus has on world oil demand. Then Kevin Muir joins postgame segment to discuss Tesla's parabolic rise and blow-off top.


February 4, 2020  

All-Stars #92 Jeff Snider: Did anything really get “better” last September?

All-star Jeff Snider takes on why the yield curve inversion last august (so far) hasn’t led to a recession, and what might have changed in the global economy since September


February 3, 2020  

All-Stars #91 Dr. Pippa Malmgren: Coronavirus, Surveillance Capitalism, Election Outlook

All-Star Dr. Pippa Malmgren returns with an update on the nCoV Coronavirus outbreak, Pippa’s reaction to Kyle Bass’ allegations about China mining American genetic data, and an update on the U.S. election outlook


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