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November 27, 2019  

MacroVoices #195 Jeffrey Christian: Electric Vehicle Outlook and Precious Metals Update

Erik Townsend and Patrick Ceresna welcome Jeffrey Christian to MacroVoices. They discuss the uptrend of electric vehicles, what is going to be the mode of power in the future and how it will be delivered, and how replacing petroleum may impact geopolitics. 


November 25, 2019  

All-Stars #80 Prof. Steve Keen: QE by any other name is still QE!

All-Star Prof. Steve Keen is back, and he says the Fed can call it whatever they want, but what they’re doing is still Quantitative Easing.


November 21, 2019  

MacroVoices #194 Peter Boockvar: Inflation is Not a Prerequisite for Central Banks Changing Policy

Erik Townsend and Patrick Ceresna welcome Peter Boockvar to MacroVoices. They discuss if the US will get to negative interest rates, the inevitability of inflation and its effects on central banks, outlook on US/China trade negotiations and more.


November 20, 2019  

All-Stars #79 Louis-Vincent Gave : Civil Unrest in Hong Kong and Around the Globe in Perspective

All-Star Louis-Vincent Gave weighs in on latest developments at HK Poly University and Civil Unrest more generally around the globe, then concludes with market outlook


November 18, 2019  

All-Stars #78 Jeff Snider : Market complacency is misplaced!

All-Star Jeff Snider says markets are breathing a sigh of relief that the recession scare is over, but this complacency is misplaced!


November 14, 2019  

MacroVoices #193 Charlie McElligott: Bond rally correction appears to be over

Erik Townsend and Patrick Ceresna welcome Charlie McElligott to MacroVoices. They discuss late cycle dynamics, how the CTA position estimating model works and if it’s time to buy gold & more. 


November 13, 2019  

All-Stars #77 Luke Gromen: You’re a conspiracy theorist if you call monetization ‘monetization’!

All-Star Luke Gromen returns with an update on monetary policy and market outlook.


November 11, 2019  

All-Stars #76 Juliette Declercq: Equity rally set to continue

All-star Juliette Declercq returns with an update on her views on monetary policy and the equity market rally, which she says is set to continue higher.


November 7, 2019  

MacroVoices #192 Keith McCullough : Inflation Accelerating

Erik Townsend and Patrick Ceresna welcome Keith McCullough to MacroVoices. They discuss the macro themes of the last quarter of 2019, what is next for the Chinese economy, long short pairs trade in software industry and more.


November 4, 2019  

All-Stars #75 Dr. Pippa Malmgren: Decoding the global explosion of civil unrest

All-Star Dr. Pippa Malmgren explains why the explosion in civil unrest around the globe is all about breakdown of the social contract. Also Trump News Network and market outlook.


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