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September 30, 2019  

All-Stars #64 Brent Johnson: Even QE4 will only briefly reverse the Dollar’s climb

All-star Brent Johnson says that even if Juliette Declercq is proven right and the Fed launches QE4, the reversal in the Dollar’s rise would only be temporary. Stocks higher, gold pullback.


September 27, 2019  

All-Stars #63 Juliette Declercq: This could mark the end of a chronic crisis rather than the beginning of an acute one

All-star Juliette Declercq joins Jeff Snider and Danielle DiMartino Booth in saying the Fed is clueless with respect to the ongoing Repo crisis. Juliette gives the high-level picture to contrast Jeff’s deep analysis of the “plumbing”.


September 26, 2019  

MacroVoices #186 Harley Bassman: Volatility Does Not Equal Risk

Erik Townsend and Patrick Ceresna welcome Harley Bassman to MacroVoices. They discuss the MOVE index as a leading economic indicator, how the upcoming election may affect both fiscal and monetary policy, and Harley’s article “The Opposite of Bad is Worse” and more. 


September 25, 2019  

Energy Week #17: In the aftermath of Abqaiq

This episode of Energy Week focuses on the future of the oil market and how the #Abqaiq attacks will change energy security policy. ALSO: Big announcement re: the future of Energy Week


September 25, 2019  

All-Stars #62 Prof. Steve Keen: Why repo blew up last week and what it means

All-Star Prof. Steve Keen is back with his perspective on last week’s repo market dislocation. Spoiler: this was NOT because the fiat system is collapsing, as some crypto die-hards have suggested


September 24, 2019  

All-Stars #61 Danielle DiMartino-Booth: The inmates are not running the asylum. Nobody is!

All-Star Danielle DiMartino-Booth says the Federal Reserve has a serious management problem and is literally out of control.


September 23, 2019  

All-Stars #60 Jeff Snider: Deep dive on the Repo Blowup

All-Star Jeff Snider is back by popular demand to explain why the mainstream explanations for last week’s explosion in repo rates just doesn’t add up with the facts!


September 20, 2019  

Hot Topic #3 Alex Gurevich: Follow-up from the Grant Williams interview

Honte Investments’ hedge fund manager Alex Gurevich was so intrigued by Erik’s interview with Grant Williams that he wanted to add a few thoughts of his own…. Link:

September 19, 2019  

MacroVoices #185 David Rosenberg: Global Economy Still Deteriorating

Erik Townsend and Patrick Ceresna welcome David Rosenberg to MacroVoices. They discuss the latest FOMC statement, recent dislocation in value & growth, outlook on the bond market and more. Link:

September 19, 2019  

Energy Week #16: Abqaiq Processing Facility Attacks and their consequences

This episode focuses entirely on #Abqaiq attacks and their knock-on consequences and effects. Anas Alhajji is boots-on-the-ground, reporting from Riyadh Saudi Arabia and Joe McMonigle joins us from Washington, DC. Link:

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