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September 29, 2017  

Mark Yusko: All Things Macro

Part 2 of a two part interview with Mark Yusko discussing commodities, the economy, the markets and more.

September 28, 2017  

Mark Yusko: USD in secular bear market

Erik Townsend welcomes Mark Yusko back to MacroVoices. They start by discussing Mark’s US Dollar bear thesis from 2016, considerations on the petrodollar and the ascend of the Renminbi. The further discuss the “One Belt One Road Initiative” and ask if the secular blow off top on the dollar occurred?

September 22, 2017  

Mark Grant: Central Bank Liquidity Drives Everything

Erik Townsend welcomes Mark Grant to MacroVoices. Erik and Mark discuss the outlook for the US Dollar, the Euro, precious metals and US equity markets. The further discuss the impact of Global CB policy vs the FED and ask if the 35-year bond bull market over? Further discussed is perspectives on China’s credit bubble, the underfunded pension crisis and the escalation of North Korea tensions.

September 14, 2017  

Hugh Hendry: Inflation is just over the horizon!

MacroVoices welcomes Hugh Hendry as this week’s guest. Erik and Hugh discuss the outlook on the global economy, wage and price inflation and the US dollar. The further discuss interest rates, the yield curve, precious metals and global equity markets. Finally, they discuss the considerations on the Chinese credit bubble.

September 7, 2017  

Luke Gromen: The biggest mean reversion in 50+ years is underway!

Erik Townsend welcomes Luke Gromen to MacroVoices. Erik and Luke discuss his bearish perspectives on the US Dollars and why budget deficits matter. The discuss the new yuan oil contract and how it is changing global landscape and impacting the global Eurodollar system. The further discuss the gold/oil ratio, new rounds of QE, inflation and the starting of the economic endgame?

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