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August 31, 2017  

Jeffrey Snider: Eurodollar University Part 1

Erik Townsend welcomes back Jeffrey Snider to MacroVoices. Erik and Jeffrey look at the evolution of Eurodollars. They explore what exactly are Eurodollars and where do they come from? They look at money as interbank liabilities and the transformation of banking into a wholesale model.

August 25, 2017  

Joe McMonigle: Crude Oil Special

Erik Townsend welcomes Joe McMonigle to MacroVoices. Erik and Joe discuss the oil supply glut, the import data, oil inventories and the outlook for U.S. oil production. They further discuss the geopolitics of Venezuela and Iran and debate if the Saudi Aramco IPO going to happen?

August 17, 2017  

Josh Crumb: All About Gold

Erik Townsend welcomes Josh Crumb to MacroVoices. Erik and Josh discuss his perspectives on gold and the influences of energy and interest rates. They further discuss the outlook for currencies and cryptocurrencies including bitcoin.

August 10, 2017  

Neil Howe: The really big crisis has yet to arrive!

Erik Townsend welcomes Neil Howe to MacroVoices. Erik and Neil discuss the Fourth Turning, when it started and how long it will last. They ask if there another big global event on the horizon and what to expect for the next decade? The further explore the impact of baby boomers retiring, the Homelander generation and reflections on the book which was written over 20 years ago.

August 4, 2017  

Raoul Pal & Julian Brigden: When will the dollar rout end?

Erik Townsend welcomes Julian Brigden and Raoul Pal back to MacroVoices. Erik, Julian & Raoul discuss their views on the US Dollar, the equity markets and the business cycle. They further explore the outlook on the bond bull market, demographics and the coming pension crisis.

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