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July 28, 2017  

Chris Whalen: Equity markets overvalued but not ready to crash

Erik Townsend welcomes Chris Whalen to MacroVoices. Erik and Chris discuss his views on the U.S. dollar and the overvalued equity markets. The further discuss corporate debt, interest rates, bonds and the high levels of private debt. They further discuss Chris’s books “Inflated” and “Ford Men”.

July 21, 2017  

Dr. Pippa Malmgren: CryptoCurrencies – libertarian dream come true or Orwellian nightmare?

Erik Townsend welcomes Dr. Pippa Malmgren back to MacroVoices. Erik and Pippa discuss European geopolitics and what is in store for European migration and Turkish politics. They further move into discussing the geopolitics associated with the cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies.

July 14, 2017  

Dr. Ben Hunt: The Federal Reserve is no longer your friend!

Erik Townsend welcomes Dr. Ben Hunt back to MacroVoices. Erik and Ben discuss the sea of change at central banks and the negative impact of Fed shrinking their balance sheet. They further discuss the -impact on the markets and the considerations on interest rate and bond trends. They later touch on the flaws of the volatility ETFs and considerations in the real estate markets.

July 6, 2017  

Tian Yang: It’s not time to be short the stock market. Yet.

Erik Townsend welcomes Tian Yang to MacroVoices. Erik and Tian discuss the US growth and credit cycles and the global liquidity conditions deteriorating sharply. They further discuss China, global equities and fixed income. They further explore the current conditions in Europe, Japan and Australia

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