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March 31, 2017  

Julian Brigden: The “Trump Gap”, the Dollar and Bonds

Erik Townsend welcomes Julian Brigden back to MacroVoices. Erik and Julian discuss the U.S. Dollars impact on the US shale bubble, the peak acceleration in ISM manufacturing and the risk that headline inflation is peaking. They further discuss if the Fed tightening is going to start to impact data. Julian also points out that the bond shorting opportunity is over and the subsequent risks to the reflationary trades. Also discussed are the wage trends in the U.S., perspectives on European growth and inflation and the relative pricing between U.S. and European bunds.

March 23, 2017  

Jeffrey Christian: Secular BUY call on Gold

Erik Townsend welcomes Jeffrey Christian back to MacroVoices. Erik and Jeffrey discuss the outlook on the US dollar, Jeff’s secular bullish call on gold and silver and the current demand for physical gold. Jeff further discusses the fundamentals for the platinum, palladium and lithium markets. Further, they wrap things up with Jeff’s macro outlook on the economy, the European Union and outlook for China and Russia.

March 16, 2017  

Jonathan Tepper: The Sea of Excess Liquidity which fueled the rally will soon dry up!

Erik Townsend welcomes Jonathan Tepper to MacroVoices. Erik and Jonathan discuss the excess liquidity generated by central bank policy and the impact to equities, emerging markets and commodity prices. Jonathan gives further insights on inflation risks and the real end game and runaway inflation. They further discuss the 35-year secular bull market in sovereign bonds and the yield curve. With further comments on Australia, Brazil, China and Japan.

March 9, 2017  

Art Berman: Outlook for Oil for 2017

Erik Townsend welcomes back Art Berman to MacroVoices. Erik and Art discuss the current catalyst for the decline in oil – the lack of confidence in OPEC. The discuss the record levels of oil inventories, the comparative inventories to past years, the world production surplus, the global liquids consumption growth, the OECD incremental liquids Inventory and the EIA U.S. crude oil forecast.

March 3, 2017  

Grant Williams: The Rise of Populism, Trump Rally, Gold & More

MacroVoices welcome back Grant Williams to the show. Erik and Grant discuss the growing rise in populism, Trump’s effect on the markets, peak optimism. Grant shares his view on if there is crisis in China, the gold/copper ratio, stagflation, the likely trend of the U.S. dollar and the and asking if the 35-year bond bull market over?

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