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September 30, 2016  

Michael Lebowitz: Death of the Virtuous Economic Cycle

Erik Townsend and Aaron Chan welcome Michael Lebowitz to MacroVoices. Erik and Michael discuss the saving discipline that drives the virtuous economic cycle and sustains prosperity, a global economy untethered from demographics and productivity, outlook for negative interest rate policies, alternatives for savers throughout the demise of the virtuous cycle, Trump v. Clinton impacts on global financial markets, and much more.

September 25, 2016  

RVTV Encore: Roy Sebag & Josh Crumb

An interview which was originally published on April 14, 2016 with Roy Sebag and Josh Crumb, co-founders of Bitgold, and Chief Executive Officer and Chief Strategy Officer of Goldmoney, respectively.

September 23, 2016  

Alex Gurevich: Dominant USD, Historical Fed Tightening Cycles, Cheap Treasuries, China Debt Unwind, and More

Erik Townsend and Aaron Chan welcome Alex Gurevich to MacroVoices. Erik and Alex discuss market reaction to latest FOMC policy decision, importance of placing current Fed actions in the context of historical rate-hiking cycles, egregiously cheap valuations on 10-year Treasury Notes, gold's positive risk-reward and return expectations in the coming years, China's $30 trillion private debt unwind and history of imperial collapse, and much more.

September 16, 2016  

Raoul Pal: USD, TSYs, Biz Cycle, Gold, EU Exit Contagion & More!

Erik Townsend and Aaron Chan welcome Raoul Pal to MacroVoices. Erik and Raoul discuss structural issues in LIBOR and Eurodollar markets as bullish for USD, update on Raoul's business cycle framework, 100% probability of recession following 2-term U.S. presidencies, Brexit contagion spreading into the rest of Europe, gold and USD pairs-trade timeline and expectations, precarious state of and systemic risk of the European banking sector, potential moonshot in soft commodities due to weather cycles, and much more.

September 11, 2016  

RVTV Encore: Michael Schneider

A conversation on April 4, 2016 between Grant Williams and Michael Schneider, Chief Investment Officer of Brookline Partners.

September 8, 2016  

Jeffrey Christian: Precious Metals, Macro Drivers, and More

Erik Townsend and Aaron Chan welcome Jeffrey Christian to MacroVoices. Erik and Jeffrey discuss U.S. Dollar predictions and the range-bound outlook, Brexit contagion and potential impacts on gold and silver, rejecting old mental models with unprecedentedly low real and nominal interest rates, degradation of global political cooperation, Trump vs. Clinton implications for global markets and precious metals, and much more.

September 2, 2016  

Art Berman: Labor Day Weekend Oil Special

Erik Townsend and Aaron Chan welcome Art Berman to MacroVoices. Erik and Art discuss looking beyond absolute inventory numbers and gleaning insights from comparative inventories, continued time-spread compression reflecting producer hedging or lack of concern for a storage crisis, feedback loop of insanity in inventory builds and production, and much more.

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