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August 28, 2016  

RVTV Encore: Willem Middelkoop

A conversation on January 5, 2016 between Grant Williams and Willem Middelkoop, founder of the Commodity Discovery Fund and author of the worldwide bestseller The Big Reset.

August 26, 2016  

Dr. Gary Shilling: Long the Long-Bond, Short Oil, Skeptical of U.S. Stocks

Erik Townsend and Aaron Chan welcome Dr. Gary Shilling to MacroVoices. Erik and Gary discuss the continued perception of the U.S. Dollar as a safe haven currency, why the long-bond trade isn't over and the forces driving yields lower, reasoning behind going long defensive stocks despite a bearish view on equities, and much more.

August 19, 2016  

Jeffrey Snider: All Signs Point to Global Systemic Reset

Erik Townsend and Aaron Chan welcome Jeffrey Snider to MacroVoices. Erik and Jeffrey discuss rich equity valuations despite an on-going earnings recession, the mainstream misconception and myth that the Fed provides liquidity, Milton Friedman's Interest Rate Fallacy and how long-run low interest rates demonstrate tightness of money supply, wholesale eurodollar system not tracking with prior exponential growth and demonstrating permanent monetary disruption, and much more.

August 15, 2016  

RVTV Encore: Paul Brodsky

A conversation on March 21, 2016 between Grant Williams and Paul Brodsky, founder of Macro Allocation Inc.

August 12, 2016  

Paul Brodsky: Treasury yields, Deflation, and the need for a Financial System Reset

Erik Townsend and Aaron Chan welcome Paul Brodsky to MacroVoices. Erik and Paul discuss the necessary global reset due to insurmountable leverage, views and outlook for U.S. Treasuries despite obvious sovereign insolvency, the false deleveraging narrative when viewed in the light of base money, thinking behind owning gold bullion relative to gold mining shares, and much more.

August 5, 2016  

Charles Biderman: The Monetary Policy Endgame

Erik Townsend and Aaron Chan welcome Charles Biderman to MacroVoices. Erik and Charles discuss big picture and current market contexts beginning from Post-WW2, flight capital impact on U.S. markets, backstory related to sub-advisor relationship with and termination from AdvisorShares, and much more.

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