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July 31, 2016  

RVTV Encore: Stephen Diggle

A conversation on April 25, 2016 between Grant Williams and Stephen Diggle, founder of Vulpes Investment Management.

July 28, 2016  

David S. Rose: Angel Investing

Erik Townsend and Aaron Chan welcome David S. Rose to MacroVoices. Erik and David discuss David's background and introduction to angel investing and entrepreneurship through his great uncle, what angel investing actually is, how it might fit in a portfolio, and who it is suited for, expected investment returns from angel investing and the role of diversification, and much more.

July 22, 2016  

Eric Hunsader: Market microstructure, HFTs, and IEX

Erik Townsend and Aaron Chan welcome Eric Hunsader to MacroVoices. Erik and Eric discuss Eric's incredible story of exposing the NYSE's selling of higher-speed data feeds to high-frequency traders, the fallacy of HFT providing greater liquidity in the market, how retail investor orders are executed and taken advantage of by internalizers, and much more.

July 17, 2016  

RVTV Encore: Stephanie Pomboy

A conversation on May 29, 2016 between Grant Williams and Stephanie Pomboy, founder of MacroMavens.

July 15, 2016  

Richard Dickson: A Technician Takes the Pulse of Global Markets

Erik Townsend and Aaron Chan welcome Richard Dickson to MacroVoices. Erik and Richard discuss Lowry Research’s approach of looking at markets through buying power and selling pressure, the divergence in price action versus buying power and selling pressure indices, what the divergence means in terms of market accumulation or distribution, and much more.

July 6, 2016  

Erik Townsend: Accredited Investor Academy Series, Part 1

Erik Townsend and Aaron Chan introduce the Accredited Investor Academy Series, Part I. We’re taking this week off from our regular show format, so instead of a featured interview guest, we’re airing the first of a four-part series about learning to be a sophisticated private investor.

July 3, 2016  

RVTV Encore: James Grant

RVTV Encore

July 1, 2016  

Grant Williams: Brexit Could Lead to EU Collapse or Even War!

Grant’s experience and insights from observing Brexit outside of the UK The next-steps and long-run view for the UK post-Brexit The potential of the EU making an example out of the UK to prevent other countries from leaving

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