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June 24, 2016  

Steve Keen: Brexit, Alternative Currencies, Negative Interest Rates & More

Erik Townsend welcomes Steve Keen to MacroVoices.

June 20, 2016  

RVTV Encore: Simon Mikhailovich

A conversation on May 23, 2016 between Grant Williams and Simon Mikhailovich.

June 17, 2016  

John Llewellyn: Economic consequences of the Brexit referendum

Erik Townsend welcomes John Llewellyn to MacroVoices. Erik and John discuss how the Brexit vote is simply a prelude to a highly uncertain process, polling accuracy and the distinct possibility of Britain exiting the EU, the near-term economic impacts of Brexit on the British economy including lower foreign-direct investment and trade re-negotiations, and much more.

June 9, 2016  

Dr. Ben Hunt - Macroeconomics viewed through the lens of Game Theory and History

Dr. Ben Hunt brings a fresh perspective on the current macroeconomic backdrop as viewed through the lenses of game theory and history. We discuss the US dollar, Chinese currency devaluation, Japan, the Brexit referendum and much more.

June 5, 2016  

RVTV Encore: Hugh Hendry

Hugh Hendry is interviewed by Raoul Pal on Real Vision Television on March 11th, 2016

June 3, 2016  

Art Berman: Oil Fundamentals Deep Dive Redux

Erik interviews petroleum geologist Art Berman in his second appearance on MacroVoices as they revisit some of their fundamental analysis from Episode 3 back in February

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